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Carrie and Graeme are committed to helping you achieve your goals. They are down to earth people who take an interest in you as a person, making it easy to speak with them and create a plan which suits your personal circumstances. I cannot recommend their services enough.

Justine Watson - Police Officer

A fantastic team, Graeme and Carrie are both at the cutting edge of their disciplines. Graeme was able to quickly identify the root cause of my physical pains and set me up with exercises to help mobilise my hips and Carrie's knowledge and understanding of the nutritional gaps in modern diet meant she was able to suggest some supplements to help me feel more alert and train smarter!

Scott McManus - Martial Artist

I have had the pleasure of being a client with both these amazing people! They have helped change my world so much for the better! They are Truely amazing!

Emma Robertson - NHS Nurse

I have visited both Graeme and Carrie who have given me so much good advice and shown me ways to look after both my diet and all things regarding my strength, conditioning and flexibility which I could not find elsewhere. Always friendly and professional, I would and do recommend both to anyone I speak to.

Alastair Gibson - Athlete & Gym goer

The whole package! Graeme assessed me and prescribed the exercises I needed to fix my restrictions. I now feel super loose and can't believe the increased range of movement. Thinking my diet was near perfect, apart from the occasional beer, I was a little apprehensive about how it could be noticeably improved. I was wrong. After my first consultation with Carrie the changes were almost instant. Making a few minor adjustments I found myself more energetic and alert.

Jamie Tervet - Civil Engineer

I've been going to Graeme because of chronic pain, I have tried everything but nothing worked until now! I can now do things I never though I could possibly ever do again. With the help from Carrie I now know what I should and shouldn't do, whilst making small but noticable changes to my lifestyle I'm enjoying it at the same time which has also helped with my pain! I can't thank them enough.

Paul Doherty - Specialist Kitchen Manufacturer

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